Comic 12 - Page 11 OOOO JIMMY!

Posted on 29th Sep 2013, 12:33 AM
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saix123 29th Sep 2013, 12:33 AM edit delete
A NEW PAGE WOAH SEXY! Well everybody knows that old people always hang up old work of art up in their house like The dogs playing poker, The mona lisa, Or maybe the
scream. So since Squad 4 is rescuing these old people, theys gots tos has old art so the theme this time is old art with a modern twist. Here are the links to the artists profiles. The artist of Vincent Van Gordon - half life
The artist of Games Meet Art: Pacman
The artist of spartan mona lisa
The artist of
The artist of Micky skrik
You can submit cool pictures that could be in this comic. First you find a cool picture and then you link it in ur comment below. I'll be looking at all the comments. U can draw them if u want to as well. Have fun!